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                                                                                               (SHAFIQ UR REHMAN)

                                                                               EXECUTIVE DISTRICT OFFICER AGRICLTURE

                                                                                               DIR LOWER AT TIMERGARA

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Dir derives its name from an arabic  word that means place of worship, monastery/convent where one can live in seclusion from others. The area has been a seat of religion and spirituality since ages .Religious people, peers and spiritual personalities of this area have a history partially known to the people of Dir. Very little written material is available on the chronology of various dynasties  occupying Dir. A recent attempt by a young  lawyer Mr.Salman Shahid is a good account on the history of Dir.The book titled “Gumnam riyasat” does give a detailed account of the past and the recent past may  some more people follow the suite and more detailed history of the area is to be explored  from the various sources.

We note a gradual march from spiritualism and religious orthodoxy in the 18th century which finally culminated first at Khanism and later on Nawabdom.

The turning point in the series was the declaration by the British Raj , which honored Muhammad sharif Khan as Nawab of Dir in 1898 . The Khan/Nawab, once exiled  to Afghanistan by Umara Khan Mastkhel was seated as Nawab of Dir by solemnly declaring his allegiance to the British Raj. Sharif Khan was succeed by his son Nawab Aurang Zeb in 1904, who ruled the state till his death in 1925 .His son Sir Shah Jehan succeeded him who ruled the state with an iron hand  for 35 long years when he was dethroned  and kept in house arrest in Lahore till  his death in 1966 . His successor was Mr:Mohammad Shah Khisro Khan a thorough gentleman, but timid by nature, who took the least interest in the affairs of the state. He left all the business at the mercy of his advisor, a man deputed by the Govt:of Pakistan to mould the state into a settled district through gradual implementation of laws, with the merger of the state of Dir , Swat and Chitral in 1969 and the administrative  dichotomy came to an end. Since the state was administered first by a political agent and later it was given the status of a district to be dealt  by a Deputy Commissioner .

In 1996 the state was divided into  Upper  and Lower Dir as separated District entities. The Upper Dir is having two Sub-Division Dir and Wari and the Lower Dir  Two, Timergara and Summar Bagh. During the period of Nawab, there were no education and health facilities for the general public but only one main road from chakdara to chitral existed with two branch roads, from Timergara to Summar Bagh and Maidan, .

The developmental works in the Districts were started after the merger of the state.


Area in square kilometer

1583 (excluding khal tehsil )



No of members of Federal Assembly


No of members of Provincial assembly


Union Council


Tehsil Sub-Division


Tehsil Ex-Nawab


No of Police stations


Literacy rate






Cultivated area

44432 (Hectares)

Irrigated area

40995 –do-

Cropped area

53515 –do-

Forest area

91482 –do-

Farm families

84777 Nos:

Average holding per family

0.53 Hectares

House hold size


Growth rate


Density per square kilometer


Average annual precipitation

700 mm-1200mm

Minimum –max: tep:

-2Oc – 38 Oc

Lower-Higher altitudes range

2350-8000 (feet)

Population per Doctor


Population per Bed


Population per Agri: graduate


Population per Field Asstt:


Black top road

346.58 KM

Shan gal road

90.16 KM



District Dir Lower is situated in the North west Frontier Province at a Distances of 124 KM from Peshawar. The District starts from ”Chakdara” just on the left turn of the main road from Malakand Pass at 15KM distance, just crossing the bridge on river Swat (Chakdara is the gate way to District Dir Lower and Upper.

Dir Lower is bounded in the North by Dir Upper, in the South Malakand Agency in the East Swat and  Bajawar Linked at we stem edges. The higher peaks of Afghanistan joins the North West hilly tracts.


The climate can be described as mild temperate. It is characterized by cold frosty winters with occasional snow fall and warm to hot summers, mostly hot during May & June and warm to hot with increased humidity during moon soon season. The Northern parts are generally colder and receive more precipitation. While semi dry condition prevail in its southern parts. Annual average rainfall varies from 700 mm to 1200 mm.Generally 55% of the rain fall occurs from December to April and 35% from July to September.

Mean maximum temperature rises 38-c  while mean minimum temperature falls to O.c


 Most of the soil developed form materials derived from local weathering of the bed rocks (residuum and colluvium’s) due to active rosin of the land surface by water .These soils are a few thousand year older, although the mountains are older than a few million years or so.

Water, laid sediments(alluvium) occurring along streams from the second important group of soil. The soil are formed in five different types of soil materials.

  • Material derived from local weathering of bed rocks(residuum and colluvium’s
  • Material transported and deposited by water( alluvium)
  • Material of local out wash from adjoining hills, with some admixture of water reworked loess(out wash  aprons)soils deposited by winds. In character this is a loamy deposit .Materials carried in suspension by wind and deposited as a result of loss of force(loess)
  • Materials of loeassial origin corded and re-deposited by water (water Reworked loess


 Socio economic condition of a nation can be determined from its literacy percentage and cultural heritage. Economically most of the people are poor having low ratio of literacy percentage. They live in  joint family system .The residential  building through out the district, are undergoing a rapid reshaping into concrete dwellings since the people working abroad  are spending their hard money on houses with modern amenities.

Basically the district for the most part, represents a rural characteristic. However due to monetary and cultural changes a rapid urbanization is taking place which is quite visible at  its central town Timergara. This is now changing to an ill planned city status where all the hustle and bustle of trade and commerce is at its up word march. No big industrial units exist in the area except a few cement block manufacturing units, sawing units, some cap making  small ice ,  rice husking s, steel iron & door making units. A number of floor mills also exist but a few are in operational condition. Hence opportunities are available for the improvement of diversified industrial units

There is a lot of potential for improvement of the diversified industrial unties.

The main source of revenue is from the people working abroad and Agricultural crops like Onion and seasonal Tomato which are the major crops, but due to price instability in the local market the land owners are facing acute problems in Agriculture marketing Tobacco is also grown on the small area in the lower parts of the District i.e Chakdara and supplements the revenue of the farmers of that specific locality. Main crops are wheat, rice, maize,  oil crops . Vegetable is also grown on limited area, water being the limiting factor . Citrus fruit is also a delicious and attractive farm income source of  the farmers of the area but the decline has been noticed either due to mismanagement which leads to disease and insects attack.

No settlement operations has been carried out in Dir Lower and most of its area is hilly and mountainous and the mountains are the extended ranges of southern Hindu kush(India Caucasus) these series of mountains are ball headed and have not been properly brought under benefit by the dwellers of the District. There is great scope for the promotion of forest and wild life, which will not only enhance the annual, income of the people but will help check soil erosion, flash flooding and will also encourage tourisms and promotion of environmental health.

River Panjkora is the major river which flows through these ranges North South and Joins river Swat .Some of these ranges have been cut by perennial and rainy streams. Most of the people are living in the valleys and mountainous area.

In addition to of Punjkora river there are  two other streams one at Maidan Konahi and the other in Jandool (Rohd)contributing in irrigation system of the adjacent areas.



Agriculture is the main stay of the people of the District , more than 85%of the population is directly dependent on Agriculture . In spite of the fact that the Agriculture (Extension) Department has been working in the District since 1960. Yet here are potentials to go a head in making progress in this field.

The development of Agri: in the area is mostly dependent upon the development of other sector like the infrastructure i.e Roads, Education facilities, availability of inputs, irrigation resources ,judicious use of fertilizer and technical know how and number of the factors . However some factors which have retarded the progress in Agriculture area are as under.

  1. Education of the rural community.
  2. Resources enhancement/Human resource development.
  3. Inputs availability in time.
  4. Simplified procedures of agriculture loans.
  5. Improving coordination amongst   the agriculture based department and communities .
  6. Facilitating the staff of agriculture.
  7. Control of excessive erosion rate.
  8. Irrigation facilities from river panjkora, construction of Balambat irrigation and gopalam irrigation channels.
  9. Capacity building of staff and farming communities.
  10. Determination of marketing out lets/Channels.
  11. Implementation of forest and wild life promotion activities.
  12. Establishment of pesticides, fertilizer and soil testing laboratories at Executive Disttr:Officer Agriculture level.
  13. Availability of cold storage facilities.
  14. Picking grading packing packaging etc: techniques transformation.
  15. Promotion of processing preservation industries.


  1. To improve the living standard of farming community.
  2. To generate an exportable surplus of agriculture commodities.
  3. To pursue agriculture development on  sustainable basis.


  1. Dissemination of improved technology.
  2. Up dating the knowledge skill and attitude of field staff and target group.
  3. Organizing farming community.
  4. Involvement of the farming community in the agriculture development process.
  5. Facilitating of the farming community in timely inputs supply crop management.
  6. Coordination with line agencies / CBO,s
  7. Quality control services of various inputs.
  8. Facilitating the farming community in marketing of farm produce.
  9. Involvement of female farmers in agriculture development.
  10. Monitoring and evaluation of various field activities and staff performance.


                                                                                           GOVERNOMENT SCHOOL


Name of institution

    No of school


  No of students



































Higher secondary


















Higher secondary                                              4

High                                                                27

Meddle                                                            26

Primary                                                            41



The Govt: for deaf children Timergara Distt: Dir Lower was established in 1988 main function/objective are as under:-

  1. Rehabilitation of disabled through training in vocational trade, impart education by special methods to make the disabled useful citizens of the society.
  2. The hearing  impaired children cannot be educated in normal schools education is imparted through amplification lip reading , sign , language and with the help of speech training and therapy deaf students also needed special equipment, techniques, methods and approaches.
  3. being deaf students they cannot come to school without the help of guardian and attendant .They provided with free transportation facilities.
  4. The main idea is that after completion of education the school. The job facilities how can be provided to them . For this purpose we framed/established a sub-committee of parents teachers Association for Deaf children Timergara Distt: Dir lower to adjust the ex-students on a private job as got training on their trade.



         Year of Establishment   =    1.7.2003.

Total No of staff          =      50

                Area of operation       =      1. Dir Lower

                                                  2.Dir Uper.

                                                                3. Bajawar Agency.

                                                                   4. Malakand Agency.

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