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SAahibzada Safiullah (late)

Posted by ZiafatAli on September 13, 2011 at 3:30 PM




SAahibzada Safiullah (late) was a born in 1937 in a village Kotke Sultan Khel in a well-known religious

family. His father Sahibzada Shehzadi was a renowned religious scholar and well learned and respectable

person of the area. He was a candle of knowledge in those days where there was no educational institute in

Dir.The is known as Kotke Baba Jee in District Dir.The has a large number of follower who came to him,

lesson to his speeches and got education, Kotke Baba Jee was inspired from the great Muslim scholar and

Mujahidin Haji Sahi Turangzai there fore he has not only a preacher of Islam but taught Islam in its broad

perspective covering every field of life.

In this family environment Sahibzada Safiullah brought up. He got his early education from his father at

home and got modern education from Professor Abdur Rahman.

PERSONALITY: Sahibzada Safiullah was a medium stauture well built body and a white cum brown in

colour.Well looking face with grey colored beard having some white hair in the beard. His smiling face and

low voice and warm hand shake was his characteristics.

Joining Jamat I Islami: Maulana Shams Ur Rahman who was living in Khal (a Village of District Dir which is

famous for its Malta through out Pakistan) was attached with Jamat I Islami. He provided the books of

Maulana Maudodi (Founder of JI) to Kotke Baba Jee and he was influenced and inspired from the thoughts

of Maulana Maudodi. As He was the primary teacher of his son, there fore naturally Sahibzada Safiullah got

the environment which was in favor of Jamat I Islami. According to Kotke Baba Jee Maulana Maudodi was

the scholar of the Muslim world and Mujadid of his time there fore Sahibzada Safiullah was introduced with

JI through his father and he became a worker of Jamat I Islami. He was the friend and colleague of

Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan in introducing JI in District Dir and he passed through all those sufferings

which can a person faced by working in the rule of an autocratic Nawab who banned every kind of political

activities. He remained part of those groups who covered long distance by foot to convey the massage of JI

in different areas of Dir.

His role and character can be estimated from the fact that when JI decided to step in the first general

elections in Pakistan, Sahibzada Safiullah who was even not the central member of(Rukan) of JI , He was

nominated as candidate for the seat of National Assembly and this is his hard working , Honesty , and the

confidence of people upon him that against the strong and wealthier opponent Nwabzada Mohammad Shah

Khisrao Khan nominee of Pakistan Muslim league , He succeeded with a large number of votes and became

member of the National assembly. He became the member of Jamat-i- Islami after he won the elections.

He was a very popular person in District Dir and people love him. They have blind trust in him and always

support him in any matter when and where they called them.

COURAGE & TRUTH:Sahibzada Safiullah was a courageous and truthful person. He never scared by the

threats of the opponents as he experienced in the first election. He performed his duty on the floor of

assembly as well. He was the live presentation of the saying of the Prophet Mohammad Swalalaho Alihe

Wasalm,"The best jihad is that to say the truth and right thing in front of a dictator ruler". And Sahibzada

Safiullah proved it that he had enough courage to do the job. When the Prime Minister cum Dictator

Zolfiqar Ali Bhutto came to Dir after the bombing of armed forces in the Kohistan area of District Dir, The

people Party leadership requested Sahibzada Safiullah to present the opening speech. As a baseless

tradition the first part of the speech was about the Bhutto's admirations and then some demands but

Sahibzada Safiullah as a true person talked about the realities and criticized the government for his action

against the innocent people of Dir and then demanded the compensation. In response Bhutto was very

angry and he talked in very harsh words. Sahibzada Safiullah tried to walk out but the administrators

requested him to stop till the end.

Role in Assembly: Though Sahibzada Safiullah was new in the Assembly but still he worked in a very well

manner. He took part in the assembly activities and the Friday holiday bill was presented by him which was

unanimously accepted but latter on in Nawas Sharif government it was cancelled with out consulting the


In about 1982 Sahibzada Safiullah became ill and in spite of the various visits to the doctors and after

different tests no one could diagnose the disease and when in the General Hospital Lahore the diagnosis was

made then Sahibzada Safiullah was restricted to bed and could not walk, perhaps he walked a lot in

spreading of the massage of Islam.

And at 11 may, 1983 he was died. His burial Ceremony was attended by large number of people. He was

died but he is still alive in the hearts of the people of Dir. Now his son Sahibzada Sibghatullah is following

the foot steps of his father and the love of the people towards him showed that people still remembered

Sahibzada Safiullah.

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