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Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan

Posted by ZiafatAli on September 13, 2011 at 3:20 PM

The state of Jandol was now in the control of Faiz Talab Khan and after his retirement his son Aman

Khan became the Khan. In his successors Umra Khan got control of Jandol after great struggle. He

was an intelligent person having qualities of a good leader and established his government on slid

grounds. He fought many battles with Nawab i Dir and got control of the whole Dir and remained the

sole ruler of Jandol and Dir from 1890 to 1895. This Enmity between Mast Khel family and Nawab i

Dir even remained after the exile of Umra Khan from Jandol by the British government and the

grandfather of Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan and his family was in very difficult position.

Educational History:

Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan got his early education from his father he read major books of Islamic

literature like Gulistan, Bostan, Zulikha, Behari Danish, Insah Dani and recitation of the Holy Quran 

from his father  and then his religious affiliation led him to get religious education. For this purpose

he traveled different parts of the province. He went to upper Dir and studied for four years, He also

remained student of Biarai Baba jee, a very learned person of Dir. He also spent some time

in Mardan and at last he completed his education from the famous religious madrasa (School)

Haqaania Akora Khattack. Here he studied Persian literature and remained the student of teachers

like Maulana Mohammad Yousaf, Maulana Latifur Rahman and Maulana Shalfin. From Anjuman

Hemayat i Islam Tibia college Lahore, he got the degree of Tib in 1951. He also continued to study

the modern education and passed FA from BISE Peshawar. During his educational career an

interesting story was revieled by his cousin Khan Shehzada Chikdara that for getting education

Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan visited Swat and got admission in Madrassa Haqaania Swat but after

some time when the Wali Swat, the thence ruler of Swat expelled him from the madrassa with the

remarks that, according to Khan Shehzada the Wali said," I expel you not because I don't like your

education but in fact I want to give the message to Nawab, and in prejudice of self-respect,  he

may allow education in Dir".

After completing of his education Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan started clinical practice in Koto. He

served people in such devoted manner that he became popular among the people of the area and

due to this practice people called him as Dr.Mohammad Yaqub instead of Maulana. Dr.Mohammad

Yaqub Khan was inspired by the literature of the great Islamic scholar Maulana Abul Ala maududi

who was the founder of Jamaal i Islami Pakistan. His clinic and his visits to patients in different

areas provided him the opportunity to educate and aware people against the cruel and autocratic

government of Nawab. Politics was forbidden and activities were restricted due to the strict check

of Nawab but Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan was committed to his cause therefore he founded and

alternate way and united the Ulama (religious scholars) and founded Tanzim ul Ulma Dir.  They

started work for Jamat i Islami from this platform. Due to his these activities he was ordered to

vacate Dir by Nawab i Dir just before he was deposed by the government of Pakistan and Dir was

declared as part of Pakistan in 1960.

When the first elections were announced in Pakistan in 1970, Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan played a

very dynamic role to get the right of vote for the people of Dir. Soon he became the sole leader of

political scene of Dir due to his sincerity, devotion and hard working.

Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan founded Jaamia Hayat ul Muslimeen for male and Jaamia ul Muhsinat for

female, both are situated at Koto. Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan entered into parliamentary politics in

1970 after he was elected as member of provincial Assembly. He was a legendry character of the

provincial Assembly of NWF-P (Khyber Pakhtun Khwa). He fully used this plat form for the rights of

people and integrity of Pakistan. He always raised his voice for the social, educational, political and

cultural uplift of his people.

Elections Track record:

From 1970 to 1990 Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan was elected as member of provincial Assembly for five

times. This track record showed the love and trust of the people of Dir for him.

As District administrator: When Gen.Perviz musharaf took over the government and announced the

first local bodies elections with a new format. Jamaat i Islami nominated Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan

as candidate for the seat of District Nazim. He won the elections and became the Nazim of District

Dir. With the powers of District Nazim given in the new version, he worked really as the chief

executive of district Dir. He played his role as district Nazim without discrimination among people on

the basis of party. The first work he done as district administrator was amazing and showed his

multi-dimensional personality. He arranged a meeting of the district officials and addressed them. He

said,' I will not tolerate corruption of any kind, lawlessness, Immorality, illegal activities, and

irregularity in duties therefore in case of noncompliance with me any officer should take his way out

of  Dir."

He served the people of his area till the last breath and on September 2, 2002, He was died due to

heart attack.

His burial ceremony was the one in its type in the roads were blocked and people were running by

foot to have a last look of their beloved leader. Provincial Governor Iftikhar Husain Shah along with

others officers attended his last ceremony. May ALLAH rest his soul in peace. Amin.






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Reply Abdul Mateen
4:04 PM on August 10, 2012 
My name is Abdul Mateen son of Inayatullah khan,
Inayatullah khan is the grade son of Ghazi Umra Khan.
Reply Dr.Imdad Ul Haq
9:14 PM on September 11, 2012 
Dear Admin,
Congratulation, I tried to highlight Dir but failed and today reached this site by chance.I like and appreciate your passion.Dir needs such youngsters who could bring the hidden rich and beutiful history in light.This month of September is the month when I lost my beloved father but the people of Dir also lost their custodian.We can not do any thing except to pray for him.May ALLAH keep his soule in peace.
I hope your full pledge Web site will soon be online.I will try to appreciate you and to support you practically.
Kind regards.
Reply Nisar ul haq
2:26 PM on January 26, 2013 
Amazed and really obliged to see some lines about our late hero and great person Dr.Muhammad Yaqub Khan (may his soul rest in peace). i really appreciate this work and pray for your success Syed Ziafat Ali.
2:14 AM on August 31, 2013 
Mateen khan Hope that you are fine,this is humayun khan mastkhel from peshawar.Our grand and grandfather was a great hero of DIR. May allah rest his soul (AMEEN)

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