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Abaseen Yousafzai

Posted by ZiafatAli on September 13, 2011 at 3:50 PM

Abaseen Yousafzai - A pashtun poet of this age Abaseen Yousafzai is a well-known pashto poet, scholor and critic. He is not only a man of sweet words but also a man of wonderful character and charesmatic personlity. When one meets him for the first time he gets the feelings that he has been known to Abaseen for ages, because he will pour his love and would make one at home with him all the times.


His real name is Muslim Shah, belonging to District Dir, teaching as professor of Pushto at the Historical Islamia College Peshawar University.




He also patronized Khyber Literary Club Peshawar University. He is in real sense Abaseen, and he is at best when he uses his name Abaseen in his poetry, whish is called PUN.


His Poetry:


dwee da sheen stargee jadogar kiramaat na pejanee

da watan khalak zan ta peikh mushkelat na pejanee

da haagha dawar tassawur me rooh pa kanroo walee

Beya ba zama bachey hujra ao jumat na pejanee



Oss che kam taraf ta zey zra ba de lwegeee

zama yad ba darta laaro ke tokegeee,


Za gulcheen na yam yarano kho sa chal dey

che sparley rashee no gotey me takhnegee,


za che passs da malakand pa sar de warom

pa rangono ba de stargey na maregee


ma wail za da eshq da ranza sehat yab shoom

oss me hoom zargey narey narey khogegee


che de kala da zwanai tanda rawakhlee

Abaseen ba darta hala daryadegee



Gula che azghee hoom rana zan ratolawee

sok ba me reekhey reekhey grewan ratolawee,


za ye lewaney kram ao khwa ye yakha na shwa

garzee oss da kalee mashooman ratolawee


zaulfey ye khwraey krey da jabeen pa ehata

ghrono ta de kheyal dey che asman ratolawee


doomra khaista ye che za sa rang ba de stayam

sok ba da lafzono na moteyan ratolawee


sa rang me haram da zra bach osatam malgaroo !!!!

stargey me hindawey dee butan ratolawee,


ogorai alama soomra sangdil zama qatil dey

jesam na me weena pa sanan ratolawee,


ao mree na kho che kala da ghorzan la barma prewzee

sok ba Abaseen la shaeyran ratolawee.



Da ghurbat sawey zwanee

Laka zmaka baranee


Zma zor zma zwanee

Sta pa husan qyrbanee


Daa da mene khazaney

Zma barkha asmanee


Aqal tal pa tapo wrond

Ishq ranja sulaimanee


Daa da sro golo mosam

Da be Kacha zaan zanee


Da zargee sewrey peetaw

Da yo khukolii armanee


Sofi garzee pa boraq

Mula nast de paizwanee'


Daa da yarey na sajdey

Daa da Dub Muslamanee


Sta da husan traney

Rata yadey zabanee


Da dolat har yo anbaar

Na de fazle rabbanee


Pa har taakh ke de prata

Sta khatoona Pakhwanee


Pekhawar ke malangee

Aw pa kali ke khanee


Che paida shwama pukhtoon

Rabba Sta mehrabnee


Che wartlay pa ABASEEN

Os Kawa Pehlawanee.

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Reply saadat ali
5:31 AM on February 29, 2012 
It would be better if u could please mention place of birth of Abaseen yousafzai.
Reply Ghulam farooq
6:06 AM on December 30, 2015 
sir jee mata da Abaseen Saib pa life information pakar dy za pa hagha research kom.aw mata da hagha personal contact number aw e mail ID hum pakar da please send ye kay mata.

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