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Syed Masood ul Hasan Shaheed

Posted by ZiafatAli on September 13, 2011 at 3:30 PM

The history of District Dir is full of the stories of such legends who sacrificed their luxuries, families and even their lives for the sack of freedom of the people of Dir. Syed Masood ul Hasan Shaheed is also one of them but ironically the new generation even including my self are unaware of the life and struggle of that great person. Maulana Masood Ul Hasan Shaheed was born in a village Narhand near Darora District Dir in the religious family of Mian Masood. He got early education in Dir and then went to India and got admission in the Madrassa.He Deuband. After Completion of his education he came back to Dir and started preaching in his area. Maulana Syed Masood ul Hasan was a strong built man having broad chest and strong muscles. He was well learned, true and courageous and very vocal scholar. due to his knowledge Nawab of Dir Mohammad Shah Jehan Khan appointed as Imam and judge in Barawal Bandai. He was allotted some land as at that time often the people were granted lands in reward of their services. But in a short time of period Maulana Masood ul Hasan Shaheed came to know about the style of rule and cruelty of Nawab and also about the occupation of lands from the people of Dir.The was very difficult for Maulana to ignore it. There fore he resigned his job and openly starting opposing and criticizing Nawab. Nawab Mohammad Shah Jehan was perhaps the most intelligent but the cruelest person in his family he displaced and killed many people for even a spoken word against him. He was an autocratic ruler and his words were the law of the state. He ordered Syed Masood ul Hasan Shaheed to leave Dir and as a result he migrated to Takht Bhai where he reside with a person belong to Maidan (The Name of this person was intentionally kept hidden by Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan as according to him he was died now).That person got confidence of Maulana Masood Ul Hasan Shaheed and became his close friend.. Maulana Masood ul Hasan Shaheed did not stop his mission and continued working by delivering speeches, Writing pamphlets and organizing meetings against Nawab. According to Dr.Mohammad Yaqub Khan this was about 1950 when Maulana Masood ul Hasan met him in Darul Uloom Kalpani Mardan where he was getting his education. In this first meeting they became agreed on the mission of Maulana Shaheed. Takht Bhai was the centre of opposition of Nawab Dir as many of opponent living in exile were gathered there including Malik Mohammad Amin Khan o

Gal Maidan, Syed Zain ul Abedin of Kumbar

Maidan, Sheikh Abdul Hamid of Zemdara Maidan,

Malik Abdul Haseeb Khan of Jandol, Maulana

Fatih Mohammad of Jandol, and Malik Inayatullah

Khan of Tarai.


According to the sources when the activities of

Maulana Syed Masood ul Hasan became

intolerable for Nawab, he decided to kill this

voice for ever.

According to Sheikh Abdul Hamid (Ex. MPA from

Maidan) he informed Maulana Masood ul Hasan

through a message of Haji Abdur Razaq resident of

Chamgi Maidan (who was working in the

secretariat of Nawab of Dir) that Nawab has

planned his killing with his host and friend at his

house. Therefore he should immediately leave the

house of his friend and arrange his residence

some where else but Maulana Masood ul Hasan

had blind confidence in his friend and could not


According to Sheikh Abdul Hamid he once again

warned Maulana after he saw the Mir Munshi

(Chief Secretary of Nawab) with another worker

of Nawab talking with the host of Maulana

Masood ul Hasan Shaheed in his hotel. (NB. The

host of Maulana Syed Masood ul Hasan was) but

Maulana Syed Masood ul Hasan didn't believe.

Those days Syed Masood ul Hasan discussed his

problem with his friend and host about his family.

His host promised that he will request to Nawab

to let his family out of Dir.

After some time he came to Dir and when he went

back he told Masood ul Hasan that he brought his

family and they have stayed at Jaban (A village

near Dargai where some relatives of Masood ul

Hasan were living).That night a group of four

people traveled towards Dargai one of them was

Syed Masood Ul Hasan and the other was his

friend and host. In the remaining two one was a

professional paid killer. When they reached some

distance from Takht Bhai the killer open fire on

Maulana Masood ul Hasan from behind and kill

him. Then they cut his head and sent it to the

Nawab of Dir and this way a friend sold his

friendship for only about 10000/-Rupees.

According to the people witnessed the event when

the head reach to Nawab of Dir Mohammad Shah

Jehan he hit it and said," O; Maulana I asked you

repeatedly to shut your mouth off but you did not

obeyed. Then he opened his dogs to destroy the

head but the dogs came near the head and put

their heads on the land.

His wife was migrated to Mardan before Nawab

caught them. This is the Land which gave birth to

legends like Syed Masood Ul Hasan and I tried to

bring his work and life briefly so as to let the new

generation and even the world could know about






REF:1-Tehrik i Islami District Dir apne karkunan

ke Nazar me by DR.Mohammad Yaqub Khan.

2-Gumnam Reyasat by Suleman Shahid.


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